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About CODIT Tree Care

Mission Statement

CODIT tree care insures that ALL of our customers are provided with outstanding tree care. We take pride in offering our customers complete quality tree care. Each employee in our company prides themselves in our value to maintain safe, efficient and excellent tree care services.

We hope to learn and grow with our customers every day as we pursue this mission.

Jonathan (Jon) Bueltel is an internationally certified arborist who grew up enjoying his summers at his family's vacation home on Big Spirit Lake. He has a love for the Iowa Great Lakes region and has made this area his full time residence. This region has always meant a lot to him and along with its trees, holds a special place in his heart. He has a passion for ensuring the quality of life for the trees located in this area.

Jon received a bachelors degree in Graphic Design at University of Northern Iowa and one in Human Services from Buena Vista University. Later in his adult life he decided to pursue his dream of a degree in Horticulture with an emphasis in Arboriculture.

Jonathan believes that a properly pruned tree is a healthy tree and adds to the beauty of this region and the health of our trees. Tree health is becoming more and more prevalent as certain diseases start to make their way into this area of the United States. Preventive care is as essential to the quality of a tree’s life as the treatment is, once it has become infected. It is important to have a knowledgeable licensed professional who follows all ANSI (American National Standard for Arboricultural Operations) standards and protocol for pruning, aesthetics, repairing, maintaining, and removing trees.

Jon always gets asked what CODIT means or why he chose that for a business name. An easy way to answer that is to tell you what it stands for. CODIT stands for Compartmentalization of Decay In Trees. This is how a tree responds to, fights against, and protects itself from various environmental threats. Being familiar with this natural process helps Jon to be able to determine the proper course of action to best help the tree and the homeowner.

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