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Frequently Asked Questions

What does codit stand for?

Jon gets asked that question frequently. Is it your last name? CODIT is an anagram for Compartmentalization of Decay in Trees. This is a concept / process of how a tree compartmentalizes and arrests decay and disease in trees.

Do you have insurance?

I always get a mild chuckle when customers ask me this question. The field of arborculture is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. It requires us to move, rig and suspend hundreds to thousands pound pieces of wood over your property. No knowledgeable professional in the arborculture industry would ethically operate without the proper insurance. CODIT tree care carries a million dollar liability insurance policy. Insurance documentation is available upon request.

What is EAB (emerald ash borer) and what is Burr Oak Blight? And should I be concerned.

The answer to this is Yes, No and Maybe. Every situation is different and every customers desires are different. All issues can be combatted by using the proper tree management program that you and your arborist agree on. Learn more about (emerald ash borers and burr oak blight) EAB and BOB at the following links: